About Dr. Tyler Baars

Tyler Baars, OD

Tyler Baars, OD

Dr. Tyler Baars is from Ludington, Michigan and graduated from the Indiana University School of Optometry with the distinction of being part of the Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Society. During his time there, he completed four rotations across the country in San Antonio, Louisville, Bloomington (Indiana), and Chicago where he received excellent training from skilled optometrists and ophthalmologists in primary care, contact lenses, and disease management.

Dr. Baars is committed to providing all patients with quality and efficient care with the latest optometric pharmaceuticals. Dr. Baars is a current member of the American Optometric Association as well as the Minnesota Optometric Association.

Before moving to Minnesota, Dr. Baars worked for two independent practices in Chicago. When not in the exam room, Dr. Baars can be found on a tennis court or cheering on Chicago’s sports teams.

Professional Memberships

Minnesota Optometric Association
American Optometric Association


Indiana University, OD
Ferris State University, BS


State of Minnesota
License# 3432
Valid until 12/31/2017
(License Verification)